Bitsie Tulloch

Bitsie Tulloch is an American film and television actress. She is most famous for starring in films such as "The Artist" and "Lakeview Terrace," as well as the NBC series "Grimm."

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  • D.O.B. January 19, 1981
  • Age38
  • Hometown San Diego, California
  • NationalityUSA
  • Current Town Los Angeles, CA
  • Height5' 6"
  • Hair Color Redhead
  • Eye ColorBlue
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress
  • Twitter @BitsieTulloch
  • Marital Status Single


Elizabeth "Bitsie" Tulloch was born in San Diego, California on January 19, 1981, but grew up in all different parts of the world, including Spain, Uruguay, and Argentina. This was due to the fact that her father, Andrew Tulloch, worked in Latin American banking throughout her childhood, forcing the family to move around often. While you might assume the name "Bitsie" is some sort of shortened version of her first name, it's actually an homage to her late grandfather, a WWII bomber pilot who went by the same nickname.

Once Bitsie finally returned to the U.S., she attended middle and high school in Bedford, New York. She was such an outstanding student that she was accepted to Harvard University, where she eventually wound up graduating magna cum laude with a double major in English and American Literature and Visual and Environmental Studies. Upon graduating, Bitsie briefly entertained the idea of moving to England and get a master's degree in art history, but then decided to try her luck as an actress in Hollywood instead.

As it turned out, not going to England was the best decision Bitsie could have made, as she was able to make a living at first in Los Angeles with minor roles on series such as "The West Wing" and "Cold Case" before being cast in a lead role on "Lonelygirl15" in 2007. The following year, she was again cast as a lead on "Quarterlife," a gig which wound up opening doors to roles in feature films such as "Lakeview Terrace" and 2011 "Best Picture" winner "The Artist." Since then, Bitsie has also landed a lead role on the NBC series "Grimm" playing the character Juliette Silverton.

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