Bella Twins

Born Brianna Garcia-Colace and Nicole Garcia-Colace, but known professionally as The Bella Twins, they are sisters best known for being WWE Divas of the Year. They can be seen on the E! reality series “Total Divas.”

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The Bella Twins are a mix of Mexican and Italian ancestry. Unfortunately, the only way we know how to identify them is that Brie has the smaller chest and tattoos. They were born in 1983 and raised in San Diego.


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Nikki is a self-described “tomboy,” who had planned to play professional soccer until a leg injury ended her career. She ended up following her sister Brie into WWE.


Brie is married, while Nikki is dating John Cena. “There’s no diamonds. Just love.” She added, “I have dated guys [who have been athletic] but not as big. John is definitely the King Kong of them all. I have to be with him forever, because where do you go from there? That’s as big as you get.”


In an article from, the Bella Twins shared that they still fight like sisters. Nikki said, “I think because we are sisters, and we are so close, it’s actually easy because we’re like a 30-year-old couple who bickers all the time.” Brie added, “I think because of our relationship, of being sisters, is kind of why so many people like us. Because we have no boundaries. We love each other so much, we know it’s nothing personal, it’s how we were raised.”


There is also only one spot to become a WWE Diva Champion, so even though they are sisters, they still fight to land that one spot.


As far as “Total Divas,” Nikki said, “We’ve always been looked at as one [person], and I feel like ‘Total Divas’ has made us more individual. I just have to say, the one thing I hate about it is the editing! But you have to embrace it.”


The Bella Twins said they would like to have solo careers. Said Brie, “We both want to break off and show people that we can stand on our own. I think a strong solo career is on the bucket list.” She added, “I want to be a mother…unfortunately, you can’t wrestle and be pregnant.”

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