April Rose

April Rose was born and raised in Chicago and began her professional career as an EMT, and then a certified Sexual Assault Medical Counselor.

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She worked on call for victims in 15 Chicago emergency rooms for six years before she segued into modeling and hosting. She began her ascent in 2007 when she became a spokesmodel for Chicagos classic rock station and later as the 2008 winner for Maxim Hometown Hotties Champion.

April Rose told Maxim, Im in school for heart ultrasounds I want to fix broken hearts.

Her measurements are 34-25-36.


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April Rose was a cast member on MTVs Guy Code, and hosts and writes Maxim Magazines weekly show Maximum Exposure. And in 2012, she ranked #82 on Maxims Hot List.

She also worked on the SPEED channel and co-hosts the Chicago Bears Pre-Game show on CSN Chicago Huddle. April is proud to have landed the cover of Maxims inaugural Canadian issue. She also appears in Happy Madison 2.

April Rose enjoys horseback riding, golf and her Bullmastiff; she dislikes spelling, centipedes and dogs too small to pet. Her favorite book is the Bible; her favorite magazine is Scientific American. Her dream car is the 1968 Charger and her favorite musicians are Josh Turner, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Social Distortion.

In 2010, she shot the puck at Game 3 of the NHL Western Conference Finals between the Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks at the United Center in Chicago, but she didnt make the net.

April Rose likes hosting because it allows her a different way to connect with people rather than just on paper. I love people, I love talking to different kinds of people. Chicagos a really neat place. I just feel you can walk down the street and talk to anyone. People are really friendly. She added, I love the people in Chicago. It keeps me settled and thats my home baseI like talking to people and you just cant do that at a nightclub. I like the neighborhood bar.

April Rose said about getting into her line of work: I got into modeling very slowly. And Id meet more people and it just became a word-of-mouth. As far as the people she likes, she said, I like people who have big personalities, its fun. I can be shy and quiet, but if I need to, I can turn it on.

Her advice to aspiring models is Be ready not to be good enough. There will always be someone better than you. Get over that with your self-esteem intact and youll go further than you could imagine (prlog.org).

April Rose lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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