Anna Grigorenko

Born on April 24, 1981 in Sevastopol, Ukraine, Anna Grigorenko is a model and actress who has appeared in magazines such as FHM, GQ, Playboy and Maxim, among others. She can also be seen in the low-budget film “Marco Polo.”

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Her measurements are 35-23-35 with a B cup and she weighs 108 lbs. She has a small orca tattoo on her buttocks. She speaks English and Russian, and she is a mix of Russian and Italian ancestry. She says her body is 100% all natural.


Anna Grigorenko has been a model since she was 15 years old. She considers herself a “giver” and her strongest attribute is her focus and vision in her work. For fun, Anna takes walks in the woods, while at home she likes to read and watch movies, especially thrillers and horror. “Kill Bill” is her favorite film.

Her favorite music is Russian songs; her favorite food, macaroni; her favorite color, black; and her favorite animal, dogs.


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Anna Grigorenko’s dream is to live in Polynesia with her her family, as well as be the next Bond girl.


Regarding her taste in men, Anna Grigorenko likes “someone normal, someone whom I can trust and share my life with” ( She added in a separate interview, “I love educated men with kind hearts.” With all the attention she gets from men, Anna said, “Regardless of whether I like the attention or not, I try to be diplomatic and respectful. And that is a courtesy I expect to have returned!”


If she weren’t a model, Anna Grigorenko would like to work in politics. “I want to make a difference in the lives of people and do something good. The world is going crazy right now!” ( The worst part of modeling, she said, is that people think models are “easy.”


The motto she lives by is “Live as last day but think that never you will die” ( Her words to her fans are: “Love all people around me and from internet. They are very sincere. Thank you to all.”


Anna Grigorenko lives in Italy, the land of her father, though “home is where my heart is. It does not matter where I live – what is important is that I live with a person I love and who loves me.”

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