Angela Sarafyan

Angela Sarafyan is an Armenian actress probably best known for her roles in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” and “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.” Most recently she joined the HBO project “Westworld.”

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Angela Sarafyan was born in Armenia and moved to Hollywood when she was four. As a girl, she took ballet and practiced piano. She said, “I loved fantasies and stories and telling stores.”


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Once she graduated high school, she attended Pasadena City College but dropped out in order to pursue a career in acting. She broke into the profession by doing “extra” work as a teen; she earned her SAG union card from a Coke commercial she did. Her other roles include stints on “In Plain Sight,” “Cold Case” and “The Mentalist,” among others. She did go topless, however, in her role for “A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.”


Angela Sarafyan thinks the most important quality for people to achieve happiness in life is “honesty. I feel like it all goes hand in hand, honesty, self esteem, not to betray oneself.”


Her classic crush is Marlon Brando. “A date with him would be heaven.” Her turn-off is spitting and her go-to drink is hot chocolate. When asked if she was into men from Armenia, she said, “It’s funny – guys over there have bangs! They think it’s really attractive, and I’m like, ‘Girls like that?’ I’m still trying to figure it out instead of criticizing it,” (


As for her taste in men, she’s “looking for a guy who makes you want to dance and write poetry all day long. I am very picky, though!” She added that she is quite shy. “I get uncomfortably nervous to the point that I can’t even say a word…honestly, I also love terrible pick-up lines.”


As for dating etiquette, Angela Sarafyan said, “I haven’t even kissed anyone on a first date, but if I were to really fall for somebody, that might be as far as the night would go.”


Angela Sarafyan is currently single and resides in Los Angeles, California.

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