America Olivo

America Olivo is an actress, singer and model probably best known for her roles in “Bitch Slap,” “Friday the 13th” and “Maniac.” She is also a member of the band Soluna and has starred in the Broadway musical Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark. She is set to join the cast of “Chicago PD.”

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America Olivo is a mix of Spanish/Basque, Chilean, Italian, Irish and Belgian heritage, and she holds multiple citizenships: American, Canadian and Italian. Her nickname is Ammy and her mother is Danica d’Hondt, a former Miss Canada 1959.


America Olivo graduated high school when she was 16 and entered into Cal-Arts before transferring to The Juilliard School in New York City, where she was classically trained as an opera singer. As to why she chose opera, she said, “I was just always involved in theater and music. It was just always a part of my family and my household.”


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As for Juilliard, she said, “We lovingly nicknamed it ‘the jailyard.’ I got my ass kicked there, and learned all of the technical side of everything…it was very strict…you couldn’t have caffeine or alcohol, or stay out too late…there wasn’t much of a social life, or pop culture, or television.”


Upon graduating, she moved back to Los Angeles and formed the band Soluna with Aurora Rodriguez, T Lopez and Jessica Castellanos. They earned a charting single, “For All Time,” and the dance hit “Bring It To Me.” In 2004, based on the success of the band, then-UPN filmed a pilot. The pilot, however, was never picked up to series. That same year the group disbanded and America focused on a solo career.


In 2008, America Olivo appeared in the dance single “Déjà vu.” That same year she appeared nude and painted on Motley Crue’s Saints of Los Angeles album. She also appeared on two romance novel covers. A year later, she was Playboy’s February 2009 Babe of the Month in Playboy Afterhours. She then appeared on the cover of Playboy, June 2009, as well as a pictorial inside by photographer Terry Richardson.


She has made numerous guest appearances on shows such as “How I Met Your Mother,” NCIS: Los Angeles,” and “House,” among others.


She said when she’s not working she likes to travel with her husband. “We’ve been to India a couple of times, we went to Burning Man festival…and that’s just insane.” She gave birth to a daughter, Indira Rose Campbell, in January 2012. The child, unfortunately, died only days later from Edwards syndrome.


America Olivo resides in New York City.

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