Almudena Fernandez

Almudena Fernandez is a Spanish model who was born on January 1, 1977 in Benavente, Spain.

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Growing up, she lived a normal childhood in the province of Benevento, just south of the Cantabrian mountain range. Her family later moved to Madrid. Almudenas break into modeling came during her senior year in high school when she entered the Supermodel of the World contest, sponsored by Spanish Elle. Almudena finished second, which allowed her to enter the European version of the contest, and again, she came in second.

Shortly thereafter, Almudena landed modeling gigs with Hermes, Lacoste, and Olivier Strelli. After she moved to New York, she was featured in dozens of magazines, including Elle, Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Madam Figaro, Shape, Biba, Joyce and Harpers Bazaar. Her biggest contracts include Organza Indecence by Givenchy and Aquaflore by Carolina Herrera.


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Almudena Fernandez has also taken acting classes at The New Actors Workshop and subsequently starred in Willie Nelsons Maria video clip.

Her personal interests outside of modeling are sustainable fashion, surfing and nature. She calls herself an eco-activist. She has collaborated on projects such as Greenpeaces campaign to fight against the contamination of the ocean and the United Nations promotion of micro-credit. She is also the owner of an eco line of shoes.

Almudena Fernandez was also Al Gores official spokesperson for Spain, and in 2010 became the Climate Project Director of Ambassadors in Spain and Latin America (

Almudena said, The key to being healthy is to be normal with nature. We need a healthy body to have a healthy mind to have a positive way of thinkingthis makes you see that nature is really what keeps us alivebecause at the end of the day we all need the same stuff, we need food, we need water, we need air, and this is all provided by naturewe need to be kind and give back to nature.

She continued, This is what I believe in. This is what gives me the strength to keep goingwe are so pollutedand nature is so simple. We damage so many thingsfish and birdsthese things need to be changedto go back to the basics.

In Madrid, Almudena Fernandez created a private movement to take a blighted area and changed it, incorporating recycling and environmental ways of thinking. The area has since rebounded.

Per her Twitter, she wrote Be Kind With Nature.

Almudena Fernandez lives in New York City and Madrid.

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