Alison Brie

Born in Hollywood, California to Joanne and Charles, Alison Brie is best known for her roles on "Community" and "Mad Men."

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  • D.O.B. December 29, 1982
  • Age36
  • Hometown Hollywood, California
  • NationalityUSA
  • Current Town Los Angeles, CA
  • Height5' 3"
  • Hair Color Brunette
  • Eye ColorBlue
  • Ethnicity Caucasian
  • Job Actress
  • Twitter @alisonbrie
  • Marital Status Single
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She is of Jewish, Scottish and Irish ancestry. Alison began acting at the Jewish Community Center and later graduated from the California Institute of the Arts with a bachelor's in theatre. Alison Brie told Conan O'Brien, "It's wonderful, I got a great education there. It's also very liberal " and the time that I was there it was especially liberal, in ways like, clothing is optional everywhere except the cafeteria. Which I think it a really good policy. Because the last thing you want at the salad bar is, like, testicles." She added, "Every now and then I would just throw on my tennis and take a jaunt.not all the time, just once in a while, to exercise my right!"

To make ends meet, Alison Brie worked as a clown at birthday parties. "I did balloon animals. I did characters. I did these games where you'd bring a ball and a parachute and a boom box and dance around. I was a super-fun clown" ( Alison Brie also detailed an experience she had about having sex with her best friend in order to determine whether he was really gay for the 2010 book "Worst Laid Plans: When Bad Sex Happen to Good People."

Alison Brie's first television appearance was on "Hannah Montana." She also had roles in the web series "My Alibi," before landing parts on "Mad Men" and "Community." Alison Brie said before she landed those parts she spent "three years being a total loser," living at home and working as a receptionist at yoga studios ( She adds, "I've cornered the market on shows that not many people watch, but the people that watch them love them intensely."

Alison Brie had film roles in "Scream 4" and "Montana Amazon." She has appeared in QG and Men's Health. For her role in "The Five-Year Engagement," Alison Brie says she learned to do a British accent by "stalking Emily Blunt like a psychopath and just standing near her and mumbling whatever she was saying."

Alison Brie said, "The first thing I notice about a man is how he carries himself " the way a man enters a room can be incredibly sexy." She added, "In high school, I dated emo guys who were sort of effeminate or androgynous. But after college, something clicked and I started dating men from the Midwest, men who shot guns and hunted. I think it's carnal to be attracted to a guy who looks like a man, who has hair on his body and smells like a man" ( And "if our kissing isn't in sync, it's over."

Alison Brie lives in Los Angeles, California.

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