Alexis Bellino

Born in Hannibal, Missouri, Alexi Bellino is known for her appearances on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” where she is quoted, “Am I high maintenance? Of course I am. Look at me!” She described herself on Twitter in 2013 as “Dedicated Christian, wife & mother. Fashion designer for Alexis Couture & Alexis by Tal Sheyn. Owner of Sky Zone Anaheim.”

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Her Facebook describes her as a “stay-at-home mom…she keeps herself busy by being the best wife and mother she can and working part time as a patient consultant for CosmetiCare. When she does have some spare time, she likes working out to keep herself looking hot and feeling her best.”


Alexis Bellino graduated from Hannibal High School in 1995 and then attended the University of Missouri where she earned a marketing degree and graduated in 2000. She married Jeff Barry in 2002, and they moved to San Diego. Jeff said he discovered she was having an affair and the couple subsequently divorced in 2003.


Alexis Bellino was also a Maxim Hometown Hottie in 2003 in which she said her profession was a health club manager; her favorite team was the Chargers; her favorite music/artist was Madonna; and her favorite actor was Kevin Spacey. She added, “I have a passion for fitness and spoiling my two teacup Chihuahuas.”


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Alexis married Jim Bellino. Jim described himself as a “self-made entrepreneur,” but according to the Daily Pilot, he makes money through “pawn loans and house flipping” ( (In 2011, they sold their Newport Beach home and then declared bankruptcy.)


To keep a happy marriage, Alexi said couples should never spend more than two nights apart, “treat each other with respect at all times, and not call each other names when arguing. No matter how mad you get…you cannot take your words back” ( Alexis and her husband also pray together and go to therapy regularly and partake in date nights.


Alexis Bellino joined the cast of “The Real Housewives…” in 2009 and considers herself a “modern day version of a traditional 1950’s housewife.”


Alexis is the mother of three children, James and twins Melania and Mackenna.


Alexis said in regards to being judged for being Christian, “In my heart I am Christian, and I am married to a Christian man, raising a Christian family. I am doing the best I can be to be the best person I know how. I’m not losing any sleep over my relationship with the Lord because I know He loves me and everyone else, too.”


Alexis Bellino and her husband live in the Orange County area.

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