Alana Marie

Alana Marie Rodriguez aka "Alana Marie" was born and raised in Rochester, New York.

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She is known as a model. She has been featured in publications and online magazines, including Show and The Source. She is 100% Puerto Rican. She does not do any nude modeling. Her measurements are 34-26-38.

Alana Marie thinks her best feature is her lips, and she says she's never had plastic surgery.

In an interview with, Alana Marie said when growing up, she was a tomboy. "My father had us involved in playing softball and catching all of his games. I was picked on a lot for having glasses and being a nerd." In high school, Alana Marie cheered for all four years and played softball. She hung out with girls a lot, "having sleepovers and causing trouble."

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Alana Marie got into modeling when she was in Cleveland with her boyfriend at an Indians game and they heard about a Hip Hop modeling contest on the radio. Her boyfriend suggested she enter, but she said no. Unbeknownst to her, he entered her anyway and a week later they called Alana down for a shoot. She didn't win the contest, but the photographer told her she was a natural.

Alana Marie said she was nervous on her first photo-shoot, but her nerves were more about meeting the photographer. She only talked to him through MySpace and she was scared he would be a creep. Her boyfriend met with him first.

She said the best thing about being a model is "meeting new people and being creative. Modeling is telling a story sometimes and acting in a way. I love bringing ideas that I have to the photographer and then seeing it come alive in a photo."

Alana Marie added that what separates her from other models is that "Nobody can ever guess my nationality. They always think I am mixed so I can appeal to all audiences.also I am very professional and I have a great time on set." Alana Marie hopes her modeling will lead to an acting career.

Her goals include becoming a successful actress and traveling the world to be a goodwill ambassador. Alana Marie is fluent in Spanish, loves sports and has a degree in Communications/Journalism.

Alana Marie added that her worst pick-up line she head was "Hey girl, your looks are mesmerizing. Will you marry me?" And she doesn't kiss on the first date. And if you pass gas on the first date, Alana Marie said, "I would laugh but end the date right there. You gotta hold it in, buddy."

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