Matt Okine And Gretel Killeen To Host New ABC Show “How Not To Behave”

matt okine, Gretel Killeen

Australian comedian and and triple j breakfast host Matt Okine has will helm a new ABC TV comedy program alongside Gretel Killeen.

The show is called “How Not To Behave” and it’s based on the format of Swedish program “So Not OK”.

Described as “Seinfeld meets Attenborough,” by the head of ABC Entertainment Jon Casimir, the show will test social boundaries as well as provide a ‘how to’ life guide and solutions to society’s biggest stumbles.

Okine is best known for hosting triple j‘s Breakfast show with Alex Dyson and as a stand-up comic. Killeen has a long history on the screen. Most notably she was the stern-but-fair host of “Big Brother” for seven years. That alone should make her well-equipped to comment on the shortcomings of social etiquette.

The two hosts will seemingly represent two different types of people. Okine is the bad-behaved, socially-awkward type while Killeen is manners-oriented.

“I’ve spent most of my life perfecting the art of not knowing how to behave,” Okine said in a statement.

“Comedians are generally the most socially awkward people on the planet, so you can be sure this show’s in expert hands.”

Killeen used the opportunity to take a swipe at her younger colleague saying, “Unlike Matt, I’m taking this hosting role very seriously. I think manners make the world go round and I’m determined to change the world to suit me.”

“How Not To Behave” will premiere on the ABC at 8pm on 15 July. It will initially run for 15 episodes.