What Happens When Aussies Try American Booze For The First Time

aussies beer
We Aussies do actually have a lot in common with our American brothers and sisters.
Yes, we may drive on different sides of the road, disagree about the manfulness of gridiron football and the deliciousness of Mammi noodles, but we both have an irrational completely rational love of Hugh Jackman, have been mocked by the rest of the world for the gaffes of our seemingly bumbling political leaders, and we both love beer.
Yep, our Yankee bros are no strangers to cracking a cold one. As many of their excellent TV shows have taught us over the years.
However, there seems to be a bit of a cultural divide when it comes to what good beer should taste like. For those who’ve never had the chance to visit the good ol’ US of A, or at least get their hands on some of that imported Duff beer they brought over here before it was discontinued, American beer doesn’t really, uh, taste a whole lot like ours.
To demonstrate, the good people over at BuzzFeed have created a helpful video, in which regular true blue Aussies like you and I sample, and review a selection of American beers, spirits and alcopops, with hilarious and sweary results. 
Check it out below, but mind the spicy afterbirth.
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P.S. Fans of the cult Aussie comedy series Danger 5 might also spot a familiar face.