The Worst Films of 2014 – A Second Opinion

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As good as 2014 was for good movies (my own Best of 2014 list had to, by necessity, contain 15 entries), it was also a year that unleashed a fusillade of garbage. Can a year be both great and terrible? If 2014 is any indicator, yes it can.

Seriously, there was a big rock candy mountain of ickiness in 2014. For every great film, there was a dark twin waiting around the corner. For every good blockbuster, there was a disappointing one. For every Boyhood, there was an A Haunted House 2. Here’s a little professional secret that I think it’s okay to mention: My review of A Haunted House 2 was so bileful and negative, my bosses at the time had me re-write it. Even then, it was so negative, they refused to publish it. I eventually had to publish it myself. You can read it here.


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Some of the worst movies in recent memory I saw this year. Some were merely shrill, some were shrill and awful. Some were downright offensive. Some sucked so hard, I have trouble writing about them; thinking of them pains me. And at least one was a legitimately great film that was downright ruined by a bad ending.

It’s been said that one of the great pleasures of life is watching an ordinarily composed film critic totally lose their cool over a piece of crap. Well, dear readers, you may strap in for the next list, as I will lose my cool over the worst films of 2014.  


Slideshow: The Worst Films of 2014 – A Second Opinion





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