Oops: Seattle ABC Affiliate Uses Gary Payton Photo In Peyton Manning Story


Image: Twitter

A Seattle ABC News affiliate was covering Peyton Manning’s record-breaking 509th touchdown pass (Brett Favre was at 508), and a little mistake slipped by (which was caught by ESPN, no less).

Well, I should probably highlight that this was a big mistake. The image that came up for Peyton Manning was, in fact, Gary Payton. You know, the Seattle Supersonics NBA superstar.

Someone obviously didn’t do their fact checking, and it’s more than a little painful and cringe-worthy when something like this happens on network television. It’s not like this was some relatively unknown or trivial record being broken, and it’s also not like this involved some second-rate or no name player. This is Peyton Manning, people! The guy has at least forty NFL regular season records under his belt (plus a whole boatload of other records). And you mix him up with an NBA player that was in the spotlight about twenty years ago?

Like they say, “there’s a first time for everything.”

Hat tip to NESN for this story.