New York Comic Con Video Interview: H. Jon Benjamin Sheds Light on What’s to Come for Archer

H. Jon Benjamin.Still001

New York Comic Con 2014 has brought with it a number of iconic names in television, but few stand out quite as much as Archer‘s H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Sterling Archer himself. 

CraveOnline had the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes about his character and what’s to come for fans in the show’s sixth season. According to Benjamin, now that Archer’s back in the office, there’s going to be “a lot more trying to have sex with people in his office as opposed to out in the field.” Also, now that he’s got a baby, avoiding that responsibility will most definitely be a priority.

When asked about a favorite moment from the series, he brought up last season’s concluding “tender moment” when Archer finds out that he had a baby with Lana, and how shortly thereafter, that emotional and vulnerable moment dissipates in the blink of an eye.

Be sure to check out our video interview with H. Jon Benjamin in its entirety below, and stay tuned to CraveOnline all weekend for everything New York Comic Con. You also won’t want to miss our interview with the Archer entire cast, which you can view right here.