South Park – ‘Respect My Authoritah!’: Cartman’s Greatest Hits

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When Trey Parker and Matt Stone created the animated shorts that went on to become South Park in the early ‘90s, who knew what they were unleashing upon the world?

South Park was a breakout hit in 1997, in large part because of Eric Cartman (voiced by Parker), a foul mouthed elementary school student who embodied pure selfishness. Sure, Cartman is part of the of core group of South Park kids alongside Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick. But despite what Cartman’s mom might say, he is not a good boy.

In fact, Cartman is arguably the greatest villain in South Park, and he has done some outright evil things over the course of the series. Amazingly, he’s only been arrested on the show a handful of times for  crimes including kidnapping, false imprisonment of hippies and running a meth lab. Technically, Cartman wasn’t arrested for betraying humanity to the dark God Cthulhu.

Why does anyone put up with Cartman? Because he’s hilarious! Cartman is legitimately one of the greatest characters on TV. Most of the time, Cartman lacks true self awareness of the extent of his crimes nor does he often acknowledge the effect this has on his “friends” and family. In real life, we’d hate Cartman. On TV, he’s a comedy God.

This month, all 17 seasons of South Park are heading to Hulu Plus. That’s 247 episodes for those of you keeping score at home. In honor of this occasion, we’ve assembled a list of Cartman’s Greatest Hits, which includes episodes from every previous season of “South Park.”

Read this list and “Respect My Authoritah!”

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