The 10 Most Insane Moments From ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 1

Sleepy Hollow 101

Sleepy Hollow” is one of the most over the top shows on TV. Every episode there’s a new monster, more outrageous encounters and the re-writing of history in a much more supernatural realm. This writers room must smoke opium and do mushrooms to keep coming up with these ideas.

The second season of “Sleepy Hollow” premiered last night and you can read our review of the season premiere here. It’s too soon to say what the second season has in store for audiences. Luckily for us, there are some deliciously ludicrous moments in the first season of “Sleepy Hollow.” Whether it’s Andy Brooks (John Cho) being possessed by a demon (sweet!) or the Sandman infesting his victim’s dreams (knarly!), this show is jam packed with shocking, epic visual goodies. It helps that “Sleepy Hollow” has a budget big enough to let the writers’ imaginations run wild.

In no particular order of awesome-ness, here are 10 of the most insane moments from season one. We’ll work from the pilot to the last episode, just so there won’t be any spoilers if you’re behind. Some of them involve terrifying creatures and others juicy and dramatic plot twists.