David Bradley & ‘Game of Thrones’ Fan Win The Internet

Last summer at San Diego Comic-Con International, Craig Ferguson went out of his way to make sure that actor David Bradley wasn’t booed at the “Doctor Who” panel for the actions of his “Game of Thrones” character, Walder Frey.
During the third season of “Game of Thrones,” Walder Frey engineered the infamous Red Wedding that concluded with the slaughter of Robb Stark and his family as well as his loyal soldiers. At Comic-Con, Bradley even joked that he’s received a lot fewer wedding invitations ever since the episode was broadcast.
Bradley continued to display his sense of humor about the Red Wedding in a brilliant fan photo posted by Gareth Shaw on his twitter account. At the recent London Film and Comic Con event, Shaw had the chance to take a photo with Bradley as they shared a copy of Wedding Planning For Dummies.. 
David Bradley & Gareth Shaw Game of Thrones Fan pic
Well played Mr. Shaw and Mr. Bradley. After that pic, all other “Game of Thrones” fan photo opportunities with the actors will have a lot to live up to.
Your move, internet.