Exclusive Interview: David Koechner on Anchorman 2

Anchorman 2 Cast

CraveOnline: Will Champ live to Anchorman 3?

David Koechner: Everybody’s already asking about Anchorman 3. How can we know? I think we should just enjoy this one. I liken it to someone saying to a woman who’s pregnant about sixth month saying, “Hey, are you going to have another kid?”

I’m just worried for Champ because we know he drank Woolite.

I know but these guys are all pretty much bulletproof. When you think of what’s actually happened to them, they couldn’t have survived that RV crash.

Or the shark attack.

Or the shark attack, so I don’t think we have to worry about whether anyone survives. Let’s face it, Brick is dead at the beginning of the movie.

And still a leading role in the film.

Yes, they’re indestructible.

How was shooting in New York, or Georgia for that matter, versus San Diego?

We shot in Georgia and we had great access to studios and stuff. In New York, we had to do the exteriors. That was really intense because you can’t obstruct too much. So people are allowed to get very close to the set which is a really interesting challenge.

When you’re in the Anchorman costumes, did everyone recognize you?

Oh, people were lined up down both sides of the street. It’s almost intimidating because it feels like you’re filming at a concert.

Did Adam have tricks to divert people and keep them off the set?

Oh no, in New York, they’re allowed to be in certain places. You can’t shut down New York. It’s really remarkable. You have to shoot kind of around them. Adam could talk about that more specifically but people are so close they can touch you, and they do. You’re filming inside buildings and everyone’s got their face pressed up against the glass. You’re thinking, “How will you shoot around this?”

Was Anchorman 1 a real turning point for you in Hollywood?

I guess so. It greased the wheels, that’s for sure. I’m having a lot of fun. I’ve worked nonstop since. I know my career is not equal to the other fellas but I’ve got no complaints.

It’s something to work consistently, and to get to be the comic relief in a lot of big movies.

That’s true, that’s true. I’ve been blessed. I think I have quite a few credits on IMDB by now. You don’t think about that. To me I’m just happy to always be working. It’s been a blessing.

We saw Cheap Thrills at SXSW and Fantastic Fest. What other upcoming roles should we look for you in?

I shot something with David Cross this summer. He wrote and directed a movie called Hits that’s going to premiere at Sundance. Then there’s a Canadian film called No Clue that Brent Butt wrote and starred in. My standup tour. I’m doing a standup tour, “Together Again.” January, February and part of March I’m doing standup throughout the country. You can go to my website, DavidKoechner.com and check out the dates and come out and see it. I’m also developing a pilot with NBC.

Would the pilot be in front of an audience or single camera style?

In front of an audience.

And did I see you’re going to be on “Justified” also?

Oh yeah, I shot an episode of “Justified” in September or October.

So it’s just one episode?

Yeah, just one.

Is it a dramatic part?

A little bit more. It’s definitely not funny-funny. It’s dry but Tim Olyphant is a treat to work with. Man, I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. I remember seeing him in Rock Star and he’s the bass player. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. I kept thinking, “Who the fuck is that guy?”

Or even Scream 2 before that.

He’s fantastic, I love him. So that’s the joy for me is I get to work with so many different actors. That’s the fun.

I’m just planning my Sundance schedule now. What do you get to play in Hits?

Believe it or not, I got to play a redneck for the first time.

You’re being sarcastic.

Of course. Some things are just in my wheelhouse, but I was thrilled to be able to work with Dave again. He’s a great dude and he makes me laugh really hard, so when he called and said, “Come do this thing,” I was on board immediately. 

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