7 Videos Starring Creepy Santa


Santa Claus is coming to town, but that may not be a good thing. It really depends on which one is visiting. Is it the happy, jolly, magical Santa who gives out toys to good little girls and boys… or this insidious, creepy Santa who watches us all and gives us candy cane-colored nightmares? Here are 7 videos starring Creepy Santa:


Creepy Santa In “The NSA Is Coming To Town”

So South Park was kinda right.


Creepy Santa Doll

Meet Chucky’s good friend, Santa Doll.       


Night Of The Creepy Santa

Did Santa go to the bathroom in her laundry machine?


Creepy Santa Display From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Smile bigger, Santa. No… bigger…


Bad, Creepy Santa Christmas Prank

He’s less scary creepy, more sad creepy.


Jonathan Mann – “Creepy Santa Outside The Hair Salon”

At least he’s friendlier than Futurama’s Robot Santa.


Scary Christmas With A Scary Santa

Damn it, Creepo. Stop that.


Geoffrey Golden is the author of Frankenstein's Girlfriend, a bestselling humor book on Amazon.