The Series Project: The Prophecy (Part 2)

The Prophecy: Uprising (dir. Joel Soisson, 2005)

The Prophecy UprisingLooking over Joel Soisson's filmography is an interesting exercise. He seems to have devoted the vast bulk of his career either producing or directing cheap and bad straight-to-video sequels to established hits. Given my devotion to sequels in The Series Project, I have brushed up against this guy before. For one, Soisson directed Children of the Corn: Genesis, which was the eighth film in that series, also one of the worst, and featured a climactic action chase scene stolen directly from Bad Boys II. In addition, Soisson is behind the fifth, sixth and ninth Hellraiser movies, the Dracula 2000 sequels, the sequel to Mimic, the remakes and sequels to the J-horror film PulsePiranha 3DD, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, and Avenging Angel. If you've wondered how cheap sequels somehow manage to constantly get made, it's because of single enterprising souls like Soisson who will them into being.

The fourth and fifth Prophecy films were filmed back-to-back, both in 2005 in Bucharest, Romania. The exotic location feels less like a function of the plot, and more like the only location that the filmmakers were able to secure. The two films take place within their own continuity, and can easily stand independently of the previous three films. There is no mention of Gabriel, a new actor plays Lucifer, and the story is self-contained. The only thing these last two films have in common with the series is that angels wear black, and the evil ones operate on a vengeful task to break back into Heaven.

The main character of the film is a bitter British cop working in Bucharest named Dani (Sean Pertwee). He is on the trail of a string of grisly murders wherein the victims have had their hearts ripped our of their chests. Dani is also having vague flashbacks to his childhood, which involved a brush-up with an evil Nazi doctor of some sort that occurred in his childhood home. Dani has a sister named Allison (Kari Wuhrer) who is drawn into the drama by her own personal guardian angel Simon (Jason London). Like the last film, the actual plot is a little hard to follow.

What you need to know is that an evil demon named Belial (not to be confused with the Belial of the Basket Case movies) has been ripping out people's hearts in order that they not be possessed by angels. Belial passes from one actor to the next throughout the course of the film, eventually landing in Doug Bradley, whom you may know as Pinhead from Hellraiser. Belial is looking for an ancient Bible that is magically writing itself throughout the years, and will eventually give the reader the power to undo creation. Or something. Again, it's a little too convoluted.

The Prophecy 4 Pertwee

Lucifer also appears in this movie, played by John Light, and he explains much of the plot to us. Lucifer has played an interesting role in The Prophecy movies. He is the scourge of mankind, of course, and The Adversary of God, but his interests always skew toward saving a few humans from other angels and demons. Lucifer lives in Dani and Allison's childhood home, which is so haunted by the stink of evil, that it essentially serves as a gateway to Hell. Belial's plans involve that portal.

The dialogue in this film is partly in Romanian, and when it's in English, it's mumbled and whispered. I couldn't understand what was going on half the time. It seemed portentous and important, but it was just unclear.

The Prophecy 4 Wuhrer

The story doesn't really conclude. They saved that for…