South Park In Real Life

A lot of strange things have happened in South Park, from Mecha-Streisand attacks to the invasion of the Goobacks. Or what about the episode where all the characters somehow warped into the real world? I don’t think that’s happened yet (and The Simpsonsdid it), so here are various interpretations of what an untooned South Park would look like:


Cartman and the Famous Sign

“Welcome to South Park,” says this horrifying child. [via]


The Gang

There should be a line of South Park Little Golden Books. [via]


Kenny at School

He died 10 seconds after the photo was taken. [via]


Cartman on a Bus

I assume Ms. Crabtree is driving. [via]



The worst character ever has finally been brought to life! [via]


Family Portraits

Soon after, Cartman got the photographer booked as a child molester. Just for lulz. [via]


South Park Anime

Careful with those weapons, guys. You'll poke an eye out. [via]


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