Meanwhile in Mexico: Former OnlyFans Star Running For Office Says She’ll Give Free Breast Implants If Elected (And Sold! Who Wants to Go to Mexico?)

Photo: Rocio Pino/Twitter

When we take a look at the platforms people run for office on, we usually see the things like education reform, universal healthcare, tax breaks, and various other obvious ideas that probably won’t ever get started (let alone finished) during their time in office. Most of these platforms are so bland and commonly spewed that sometimes it’s hard to tell one person running from another. But one woman running for office in Mexico is running on a totally different platform: free breast implants.

Rocio Pino is a former OnlyFans model running for the office of Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies. If elected, she promises to give women (who want it) free breast augmentation. Pino, who also goes by the moniker “La Grosera” (which translates “The Rude One”) has been running using catchphrases like “Give your mom t*ts” and “With me, your vote counts for two.”

Running under the Progressive Social Networks party, Pino has posted photos of herself topless and pregnant on Twitter to show that she will soon be a working mother. If elected, she’ll be the Federal Deputy for the state of Sonora.

While we’re not sure exactly what that job entails, we do know that if she wins she’s going to have to hand out a lot of free boob jobs. It’s a pretty interesting platform to run on, let’s see if it actually works.