Meanwhile in Florida: Woman Threatens to Get McDonald’s Sauce ‘By Any Means Necessary,’ Asking Deemed Perfectly Acceptable

We will never understand the love/hate relationship that Floridians have with their local fast-food franchises. But we will always read about it and laugh. Take, for instance, this Florida woman who got into an argument with employees in the drive-thru of a Vero Beach McDonald’s. Allegedly, the woman pulled up to the window and was given her food, but after being told condiments would cost an additional 25 cents, she lost her mind. Authorities called to the scene stated that the woman started becoming belligerent and threatened employees that she would get her sauces “by any means necessary,” though she never stated what those means would actually entail. But we have to imagine that the McDonald’s employee making minimum wage and wishing he was anywhere else but there simply said to the woman, “Um you could just, like, ask.” Perhaps that thought had never occurred to her. We love dipping our chicken nuggets into honey mustard as much as the next person, but we can’t imagine going full-on Liam-Neeson-in-Taken in order to get it. Floridians are serious about their condiments, though, and, for that, we commend them.

Cover Photo: Indian River County Sherrif’s Office

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