Texas Dad Upset With Son’s Haircut Shoots Barber, And It Wasn’t Even a Bowl Cut

We all have haircuts we regret. Whether it was an ill-advised mullet, a faux-hawk, or the “Karen,” getting a mortifying haircut is almost something of a rite of passage, especially for young men. Many a divorced dad has gotten yelled at after bringing home a son with frosted tips. But one Texas father, no doubt fearing the wrath of his ex-wife, took things a bit too far. After a barber finished the final touches on the haircut of this man’s son, things escalated quickly.

A brief argument ensued, voices were raised and then, allegedly, shots were fired. Because of a haircut! As of now, the barber is in stable condition, despite one officer saying that the shooting was “one of the worst ones I’ve heard.” Police say the father fled the scene in a grey sedan and no arrests have been made thus far, probably because Houston’s finest saw the young boy’s haircut and agreed that the barber probably kinda deserved it. This never would’ve happened to Sweeney Todd.

Cover Photo: laartist (Getty Images)

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