Woman Threatens to Give ‘Black Eye’ to Breastfeeding Moms (And Their Babies), Absolutely No Recollection of Being Breastfed Herself

We’ll never understand the hills that some people choose to die on. Breastfeeding in public, especially, is an argument that really shouldn’t even be one. Babies get hungry. Babies need milk. Breasts are made to feed milk to babies. The end. Yet, for some people, that line of logic is not the end; it’s merely the beginning. Take, for instance, a woman named Carly Clark who took a very public stance against breastfeeding, by posting the following to Facebook: “I’m not sorry. The next female that tries to whip her boob out to breastfeed in front of my kids will get a black eye, move that baby bc I’ll punch it too. #zerocare #why #Inpublicletsjustshowkidsboobs #notmine”

Yes, she said she would punch a baby. Normally, we can get on board with a little bit of baby-hating, but this is overly aggressive. Apparently, her place of employment felt the same way, as they immediately fired her after seeing the post. We actually kind of feel bad for her. Maybe her deep-seated hatred of breastfeeding stems from the fact that she was never actually breastfed as a kid which, coincidentally, is about the time her brain stopped developing.

Cover Photo: JGI/Jamie Grill (Getty Images)

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