This Creepy Californian Licked a Doorbell for Hours

Photo: bowie15 (Getty Images)

A man in California is the internet’s newest weirdo after going viral for making out with a doorbell. While it’s not clear why he was so attracted to the doorbell, security footage showed this guy sensually licking the device for hours, filling our brains with all kinds of questions.

Police identified the man as Roberto Daniel Arroyo. Since the footage of him getting nasty with the doorbell is so clear, and because he’s had previous run-ins with the law, authorities were able to track him down and bring him in for questioning before he groped any more household devices.

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The cops detained Arroyo for questioning and then released him because there’s apparently no crime for making out with a doorbell for an extended period of time. He did, however, take off with an extension cord from the property and now faces a potential charge of petty theft. Perhaps had has another device he’s intimate with, but the catch is it needs to be plugged in?

The make-out session wasn’t the only part of this guy’s night out. He spent a long while on the porch and made himself at home, napping for a stretch and then peeing on a nearby planter. This sounds like some regrettable college nights we may or may not have had.

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If you find yourself in a situation where someone is on your doorstep, trying to make love to your porch, it’s probably a good idea to call the police. Or if you just so happen to be the person doing unspeakable things to household appliances, maybe try Tinder before you give up your body to foreign objects that might electrocute you.