Watch This Bong-Wielding Cannabis Store Clerk Fight Off Robbers

Photo: Noahrr25 (Getty Images)

Video emerged last week of an attempted robbery at a cannabis store. The store clerk wasn’t about to let some dudes come into his establishment and make him a victim. Instead, he turned one of his pot-smoking products into a lethal weapon, a move worthy of becoming a small-business self-defense strategy.

The footage quickly turned into a highlight we can watch on loop to no end. The four robbers who entered the weed shop in Tyendinaga, Ontario, Canada, weren’t prepared to deal with this brave clerk who took a hit of his bong — off their heads. They came in thinking THC is harmless but got served up an aggressive strain of GTFO.

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As you can see, the clerk wasn’t about to let these knuckleheads come up on whatever the store had behind the counter. It didn’t matter that they were unleashing pepper spray all over the place because they learned the bong is truly mightier than the sword.

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The next time someone tries to tell you that marijuana advocates are lazy and unmotivated, show them this video and explain that not everything is as clear as pre-smoked bong water.