Dirty Tinder Exchanges Show How Dating Has Changed

Photo: Peter Cade (Getty Images)

The internet is weirdly empowering. People will say things to each other over Tinder that they wouldn’t dare say on a date. This makes for a lot of crude guys who don’t have any charm spamming girls’ inboxes. It also makes for some witty, dirty Tinder exchanges. It’s mostly the girls that have to suffer through hundreds of bad ones until they get a good dirty Tinder pick-up line, so this gallery is in honor of them.

Let’s go over the basics of communicating over Tinder so you won’t be appalled by the dirty Tinder exchanges coming.

Tinder rules
Dirty Tinder talk
Josh knows that you don’t make 100% of the shots you don’t take. And if you try making a trick shot, you can at least say you tried.
Dirty Tinder talk
And people say Tinder is a waste of time. Here we have this guy trying to hook up and giving out valuable grammar lessons.
Dirty Tinder chats

Not to be only hard on our brothers, here we have evidence that girls can be dirty first. This girl is a unicorn.
Sexual Tinder lines

Doing Tinder Right: Girls With Awesome Bios

Sexy Tinder lines
Now they just have to break into a car and steam it up good. This is the type of “Did you know?” we can get behind. Hopefully, Marta would appreciate this dirty Tinder line more than guys spouting Batman v Superman references.
Naughty Tinder chat

Here we have two prime examples of modern-day linguists finding each other in the wilds of Tinder. We really hope they end up having fucking kids. We guess it would look something like this.

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Dirty Tinder screenshots
Sometimes it doesn’t take two to tango. And even if this jacked dude didn’t get a response, he still has a viable pitch for PornHub.
Tinder chats
And remember kids: just because your dirty Tinder line is sexual doesn’t mean it has to be vulgar!