Man Beats Rush Hour Traffic With Homemade Roller Skate Suit

Photo: YouTube.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there isn’t much worse than dealing with rush hour traffic. Apparently a man in China shares our pain as he invented what can only be described as a homemade roller skate suit in effort to combat the daily terror.

Video footage recently emerged featuring the daredevil weaving through lanes of traffic and blowing by crawling cars on a busy Chinese highway as awestruck drivers couldn’t help but question what they just witnessed.

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The joy-ride didn’t last very long, however, as police were called to the scene and arrested the man who looked like he was wearing a Goodwill version of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit, a far cry from the real Iron Man suit, which costs well over $400,000.

As for the inspiration, the unnamed offender told officers he crafted the battery-powered, red roller skate suit out of a breast plate and two skateboards as an ode to the Jackie Chan action-comedy film CZ12 and that he could even guide it via remote control. That probably would have been a better idea, as it’s somewhat amazing he wasn’t turned into roadkill during his fun.

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The man was charged with violating China’s traffic laws and disturbing public order, but at least he got to where he was going quickly. Unfortunately, it just so happened to be a jail cell.