Today’s Funny Photos 8-9-18

Let’s face it, life without funny photos is brutal and nearly impossible. But we would never deprive you of that joy or the poorly-timed laughter that follows. That’s why we’ve done it again, concocting a funny photos collection that will not only brighten your mood and heighten your awareness, but might also get you laid off if you enjoy them too much.

Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. Just enjoy your daily helping and share your hardest laugh with the people around you. Tell them Mandatory sent ya.

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funny photos 8-9-18funny photos 8-9-18funny photos 8-9-18funny photos 8-9-18

Ten birds, one bag: Michelob Announces Beer Caddy Inspired By ‘Caddyshack’

funny photos 8-9-18funny photos 8-9-18 funny photos 8-9-18

funny photos 8-9-18

If you haven’t busted your gut, maybe try out Page 2. That’ll definitely do the job.