The World’s Most Expensive Joint Is Valued At $24,000

Stone Road Farms, a Los Angeles-based cannabis startup, has been making a name for themselves over the past few months thanks to their innovative and luxurious hand-rolled joints, which only use pure flower.

With farmland in Grass Valley (no pun intended), the organically grown cannabis is crafted in small batches and is of the highest grade quality thanks to the artisan wells and strong California sunshine that feed it.

Stone Road’s joints come in three different varieties: Birthday Cake (Indica), Cherry Pie (Hybrid) and Sour Rasberry (Sative), though it’s their $24,000 joint that has people talking.

The startup decided to celebrate the company’s new compliance status with the state of California by throwing a one-night benefit party, which featured the world’s most expensive joint.

Stone Road Farms founder Lex Corwin commissioned the piece and hired famed joint-roller Weaver for the over-the-top project, which took two weeks to complete.

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In addition to of one-pound of Stone Road’s ground cannabis and bubble hash, Team Elite Genetics’ award-winning flower and six ounces of Soilgrown Solventless concentrate were wrapped in blunt paper with three layers of 24-karat rolling papers to create the masterpiece.

To add even more lavishness and awareness, Corwin had Weaver craft the world’s most expensive joint in the shape of an elephant tusk.

Corwin, who has had a long-standing obsession with elephants and a history of working with conservation groups, wanted to bring forth the destruction caused by the ivory trade.

“Beyond throwing a party to celebrate our expansion, I wanted to incorporate a social cause element, so I decided to create a joint in the shape of a giant elephant tusk to signify the detrimental toll the ivory trade takes on wild elephants,” says Corwin.

The 30-inch long, pound and a half joint was auctioned off by evening end to one of Stone Road’s early investors for $4,000, despite being valued at over $24,000.