Tired man sleeping at the wheel

C’mon, Guys: Man Asleep At Wheel Awakens, Immediately Drives Into Light Pole

Sleeping at the wheel. Photo: sestovic (Getty)

Guys, be better.

Can we please move out of our parent’s homes by age 30? Give up the poop games? Oh, and one more thing — stop falling asleep behind the wheel. The latest gem of a male specimen trending on Reddit today is this lad below, completely passed out in his car while sitting on the highway. The motor is still running for crying out loud!

You can see his head and hands resting on the steering wheel through the rain-soaked driver-side window. Thankfully (or not for the unsuspecting driver), some men with a camera in hand drove up beside him. When they saw him asleep, they politely tapped on the glass to wake him up.

Unfortunately, they woke a sleeping disaster.

Upon the driver’s awakening, he proceeds to run into a “Stop” and “Road Closed” sign before barreling across two lanes of traffic and into a light pole. It’s a horrific comedy of errors that easily could have turned tragic.

It was almost the perfect crime: German Burglar Falls Asleep On Couch After Gathering Up Valuables To Steal

Fellas, let’s remind ourselves a few more words of wisdom, shall we? — Don’t drink and drive. Don’t do drugs. Shoot videos horizontal.

Simple enough, yeah?

The posters simply titled their video, “Shouldn’t Have Woke Him Up.” We’ll take heed of that advice for future reference.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.


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