Man Gets Ghosted By Woman, Sends Her Invoice For Dinner

Photo: Deagreez (Getty Images)

I’m sure many of us have been ghosted before. And while it’s not a pleasant feeling, many of us just move on with our lives. Well that’s not exactly what the guy who went on a date with Amanda Burnett did.

According to Mirror, Burnett recently went on a date. And it went OK, but not good enough for Burnett to continue the good times. So she decided to ghost the unidentified lad. And yes, ghosting isn’t the best thing to do. But neither is the guy’s reaction. Burnett took it to Twitter to reveal what the man sent her soon after she ghosted him.

Have a look:

Screengrab: Twitter/Amanda Burnett

That’s right, kids. Burnet”s date decided to send her an invoice for the dinner. All in all, including an admin fee, the total comes out to $39.52. Shipping and handling included of course. Burnett’s date even notified her that this bill would be sent to the collection agency.

Screengrab: Twitter/Amanda Burnett

“Hahaha, f*** off” was Burnet’s reply. Well, that seems like a strong reply.

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The tweet has gone viral, but Burnett not only has deleted her tweet, she’s also gone private. But at least one person on Twitter has an idea for Burnett to reply to her date:

Glitter is always the way to go. On one hand, ghosting someone is never cool, but on the other hand neither is throwing a tantrum and demanding to be paid back for dinner. Regardless of how one views it, the guy throwing the tantrum and asking for his money back will always look like the bigger tool.

What do you think of this situation? Do you believe that lad deserves his money back or should he dive back into Tinder and await to be ghosted again?