2 Guys In Pennsylvania Arrested For Trying To Sell Beer On eBay

Photo:  Sean Gallup/Getty Images

There are some pretty obvious things that are unacceptable in terms of trying to hawk them on eBay. Selling your dead grandfather’s brain, living aunt’s kidney, neighbor’s Social Security number, six pounds of cocaine and a used jock strap are things that quickly come to mind.

Well, you can apparently add beer to the list.

According to Penn Live, two dudes in different Pennsylvania towns recently learned that the hard way when they were arrested for trying to sell their stash of brewskis on the world’s leading online marketplace. You see. kids, you can’t sell alcohol anywhere unless you have a proper liquor license, even online.

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Pennsylvania State Police said they sent officers to Bala Cynwyd and Downington after they responded to advertisements for beer that belonged to 39-year-old Kevin Michael Day and 35-year-old Brian Anthony Charles. They were each slapped with a misdemeanor charge for selling beer without a license, and both of them had their massive stash of beer seized by the arresting officers.

It’s unknown if the officers who seized the brews are going to throw the party of the century or just keep it for evidence in the case of a trial. As far as Day and Charles go, it looks like it’s back to the drawing board to come up with another way to make some quick, easy cash.