Man In Batman Costume Named Bruce Wayne Ate Chipotle For 500 Days

Photo: Scott Olson (Getty)

There are folks who certainly never do anything half-assed. Someone like Batman would certainly qualify. So would a guy like Bruce Wayne from Tiffin, Ohio, who decided back on October 31st, 2016 that he wanted to eat Chipotle for 500 straight days. Hmm, perhaps the two are related in some way. Let’s investingate further.

OK, so it turns out the original goal was simply to eat at Chipotle for 426 days (we know, big difference), but it seems that once you hit your mark, you simply can’t stop. That’s possibly out of fear that the sudden change in diet would literally make your heart stop, but that’s just a theory of ours. According to Wayne in his WNWO interview, he just likes Chipotle an awful lot. That would certainly explain why he never quit even after breaking the record back on December 30th, 2017:

Once he finally reached Day 500, however, Wayne finally called it quits. To commemorate the occasion, he even dressed in full Batman garb, as he’d done many times before. After all, his name is Bruce Wayne. And he does both paid and charitable events in the costume. And he takes care of intellectually challenged adults in his spare time. Wait, are we sure this dude really isn’t Batman? Anyways, here’s a look at his final Instagram post of his monumental last meal, which he’s actually been documenting from the very beginning:

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#Day500 What a perfect end to an amazing journey!!! So happy my friend “Batman Jr.” was able to make it. ❤️ Thank you SO very much @chipotlemexicangrill for memories that will last forever! EVERYONE at the Tiffin store is a class act! ❤️ Peace and Love, to everyone; ALWAYS!!! #ChipotleLife #BruceWayneIsTheChipotleAmbassador 😎

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If this strange, yet all-in-good-fun venture wasn’t enough, once Wayne his Day 426 and broke the record, Chipotle donated $4,260 (that’s 10 bucks per day) to a charity of his choice. He went with Seneca-based Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment. Good man.