Wedding Photographer Spends More Time Taking Photos Of Butts, Boobs And Bridesmaids

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People enjoy spending boatloads of cash on their wedding as they want to make it a day that they will never forget. Well for Steph and Paul Unwin their wedding is certainly one that will be memorable, but not for the best reason.

The Unwins decided to hire wedding photographer David Kilcourse to take photos at their wedding. According to the Unwins, one in three photos taken by Kilcourse were blurred, and 96 bridesmaids photos were mainly shots of their butts and boobs. So yeah, that wasn’t exactly what he was paid to do.

Oh, Kilcourse only took 70 photos of the bride, and just 11 of the groom and none of his parents. And because of that the couple took legal action and won a Small Claims Court claim against Kilcourse. But Kilcourse didn’t go down quietly because he’s a total a-hole.

Daily Mail

[Kilcourse] hit back saying the wedding day was affected by bad weather and accused the couple of ‘cropping’ photographs to claim he focused on the bridesmaids’ bodies. Mrs Unwin, a 29-year-old nurse, and her husband, 30, who have two young sons, paid £550 ($769) for Mr. Kilcourse’s services.

Mrs Unwin said: “When we got some of the pictures, I said to him ‘is this all of them because I’m really disappointed? He turned around and said he took thousands of pictures. When we received them, he’d taken 1636 images and 559 were out of focus. He called them ‘misfires’. There were none of the in-laws, one of my parents and almost 100 of the two bridesmaids.

He took pictures of one of my bridesmaid’s breasts, some of her bum. There were more pictures of just the bridesmaids than anything else. I’m sure he was doing that on purpose. I know that photography is interpreted differently by different people but when he takes three pictures of someone’s bum, that’s not an accident.”

Here’s a closer look at just one of the photos Kilcourse took:

Photo: Twitter

This clown has now refunded the couple their money and has closed down his wedding photography business — maybe because just going on Pornhub takes less of an effort.

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