Hot Woman Pranks: Babes with a Sense of Humor

Photo: Sadam (YouTube)

Since the beginning of time, people have enjoyed pulling pranks on each other. There is something incredibly satisfying in watching your prank victim fall for a carefully devised evil plan. However, the best prank is always the one you can share with others. Now, thanks to the internet, we have a chance to see millions of them and choose the finest ones. Obviously, a prank performed by a hot woman or the one where a hot babe is being pranked belong on the top of the list. In light of that, we’ve gathered some exceptional pranks all over the web that you really need to see.

Falling Down


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Who is Paige Ginn? Well, just a random hot woman with quite an unusual hobby – falling down in public places in the most hilarious of ways. The best thing about it is that she’s constantly pulling pranks on unsuspecting people who truly believe she’s that clumsy. Did we mention that she’s hot?

Phone Selfie Prank

The ComedyOn channel on YouTube introduced us to this beautiful long-legged aussie – Melissa Flentzeristy and we’re eternally grateful for it. In this video, a hot woman is asking random people walking by to take a picture of her that she calls a selfie. Most men are quite eager to help her, not realizing it’s actually a prank. Seeing Melissa go backwards is everything you need to start a day properly.

Gold Digger Prank

You’ve probably stumbled upon these gold digger prank videos at one point, but this one, presented by the Hooman TV features a really hot woman or two. These guy is tricking girls into thinking that he is actually rich so that they would accept his date invitation. Sure, you could say that this prank is fake, but the girl you see above is worth the click at least, right?

Hot Woman Zip Prank

A YouTube channel called iDiOTUBE lets us catch a glimpse of some pranks in India with a hot woman in red falsely alerting men that their zip is open. It’s something of a basic joke, but it teaches us that sexy girls can do anything they want in any country of the world. In case you’re curious to see what the girl’s face looks like, wait until the end. You won’t be disappointed.

Hot Girl Staring

A man that goes just by the name of Sadam created what he would call a social experiment and what we would call a hot woman prank. Namely, he’s trying to see how people will react when a beauty stops and stares at them in a flirting manner. Most of the time, people feel awkward and uncomfortable around her because of her stunning looks. What would you do in this situation?

Girl Sitting on People

Comedy Nations brings us a prank that somehow doesn’t feel like a prank. This young hot woman is making guys uncomfortable by casually sitting in their lap in public. Considering how cute and adorable the 19-year-old girl looks, this is certainly not something guys have a problem with. Most of them just accept things as they are. One guy even tried to get her phone number and got rejected on the video. That’s quite awkward.

Do you know some other examples of pranks with hot girls? Feel free to share your favorite ones.