Florida Man Arrested For Booby-Trapping Home To Electrocute Wife

Photo: EyeOfPaul (Getty)

Florida once again has outdone itself.

Let’s all talk about psycho Michael Scott Wilson. You see, Wilson was recently arrested after it was discovered he had booby-trapped his home in order to electrocute his pregnant wife who had just filed for divorce. Wilson actually attached an electrical contraption, which would electrocute anyone using a key, to the front door of his home.

Photo: Flagler County Sheriff’s Office

The plan was discovered after Wilson’s estranged wife reached out to her stepfather for help when Wilson told her “strange information about the residence.”

NY Post

The woman’s stepfather and mother went to the home on Dec. 26 where they reportedly found an object wedged behind the front door. When inspecting the rear door, they discovered writing in lipstick that appeared to say “Hi” along with a drawing of two eyes, the Palm Coast Observer reported.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office was contacted for a security check and officers discovered electrical wiring attached to the front door’s upper lock. Upon further inspection, authorities found the source of the wiring was an automotive battery charger and a salt rock lamp.

Experts later determined that anyone who came in contact with the contraption would have an “approximately 80-100% chance of suffering death or great bodily harm,” authorities said. Police searched the rest of the home and found scattered “love letter-style sticky notes” and photos on the couple’s bed. On a counter, there were photos of the wife’s sonogram that Wilson laid out, officials said.

So it’s pretty clear this dude is completely bonkers.

Wilson was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a pregnant person and grand theft of a firearm. Wilson was also charged with possession of methamphetamines.

It gets nuttier, as Wilson’s relationship status on Facebook was changed to “widow” prior to his arrest.

Here’s what Sheriff Rick Staly in a press release.

“This is one of the most bizarre domestic violence cases I have seen in my career. Not only did this man plan to electrocute his wife, but he could have injured a deputy or any person attempting to enter this residence. Thankfully this man was found and taken into custody before he could cause the harm he intended.”

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