Police Looking For Man Who Was Caught Pleasuring Himself While Watching ‘The Emoji Movie’

Photo: Columbia Pictures

We have some strange headlines today, folks. Well, stranger than usual.

The Emoji Movie has a fantastic six percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Everyone and their mom already knew this movie was a bad idea from the get-go, but boy, this is worse than expected. But it seems like there was one guy in Howell, New Jersey so is perhaps the film’s biggest fan. And how do we know that? Well because he was caught masturbating while watching it in a theater.

A woman was watching the movie with her kids recently when she noticed that a heavyset man in his 20s or 30s was not only sitting alone in the back row of the theater, but he had his hands down his pants, according to police. The woman alerted theater staff and the man was escorted out of the theater. The woman then called police soon after.

And thanks to a surveillance camera the man’s face is out for all to see. Although the photo is very blurry and looks like it was taken 20 years ago. Thanks, technology.



Police are currently looking for the man who was wearing a white dress shirt, black pants and a yarmulke. Well alright then. And at least one star from the movie is finding the humor in this. Look at what T.J. Miller tweeted.

h/t Huffington Post

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