This Woman Thinks She’s Figured Out How To Avoid A Parking Ticket But Twitter Isn’t Convinced

Photo: Twitter/Keidy

Speaking from experience, getting a parking ticket will fill you with rage — and that’s mainly because if you live in NYC you can expect a parking ticket for literally anything. But one woman believes that she has figured out a way to avoid ever getting a parking ticket, although she hasn’t exactly convinced Twitter with her hack.

The woman, known as Keidy on Twitter, decided to show the internet her parking hack, which is to pretty much putting what looks like a ticket under her windshield wipers so the meter-maids will believe she has already been ticketed. Take a look at the tweet below shared by Keidy.

So unless a meter-maid doesn’t check the “ticket” already there this girl will be ticket-free, right? Well, Twitter doesn’t think so. Here are some of the reactions.

And while people weren’t convinced, others chimed in with even better hacks.

Well, here’s hoping you’re all taking notes.

h/t Distractify

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