This Is Why You Shouldn’t Mess With A Bird’s Nest

Photo: YouTube

The majority of people seem to be idiots, and since they are idiots they think they can mess with animals and not face the consequences. It’s like that lady who tried to take a selfie with a shark and got bitten, or like the lion tamer who was attacked by lions after snapping at them with a stick. And of course, these people deserved it. And luckily for the guy below, he didn’t get attacked by a shark or a lion, but he was still punished by a pissed off bird.

A YouTuber named Steve has gone viral after he filmed himself walking near a mother bird’s nest. And this only occurred because the nest was in a parking lot, and Steve decided to park near the nest. Well, that was a mistake.

Take a look at the video below.

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Mess With A Bird’s Nest

Not the best decision, Steve!

But hey, at least this YouTube comment noticed something that nobody else did:

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.31.17 PM

And that’s just freaking spot on.

h/t Distractify

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