This Genius Includes A Photo Of His Wife’s Boobs With Each Restaurant Review He Leaves On Yelp

Photo:  lisegagne (Getty)

We’ve shared pretty amazing Yelp-related stuff in the past. Like, remember that New York bar owner that responded to a negative review in the most sassiest way possible? And do you recall the woman who got accused of crapping her pants by the same restaurant she left a negative review for? Those are just two examples. But the Yelp reviews below may be the best of all (and sexiest).

A California guy who goes by the name of Charley C. on Yelp is just a normal dude who enjoys posting reviews of places he eats at on Yelp. These reviews hopefully encourage other folks to attend the restaurant or discourages them from ever visiting them. But Charley has found a way to separate his reviews from the thousands of others on Yelp. How so? That’s simple. By including a photo of his wife’s boobs on each review. And now these will be the most read reviews.

Yelp has made Charley take down the photos, but since this is the internet they now will live on forever. Check some of them out below.












Now this is the type of woman you stay with forever. Good going, Charley C.

h/t Bro Bible

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