Single Guy Uses Cat To Mock His Sister’s Instagram Baby Photos

Photo: Gordy (Gordy) Blog

Just the other day we told you about the dad who trolled his daughter’s selfies, but now we have another dude who decided to mock a loved ones pictures, but this time around it’s just a dude and a cat.

So while this cat was leaping around like Michael Jordan, this cat was helping Gordy Yates create the perfect 28th birthday present for his twin sister Meredith. Meredith lives a different lifestyle, as she is a mother and does yoga, while Gordy is just a single dude.

“My twin sister Meredith is so great and I am so bad. Every year on my birthday, she gets me something cool…And I’m the worst brother because I never get her anything for her birthday. Generally, I don’t get someone a birthday present if they live far away, so I usually don’t get her ANYTHING even though she always gets me something,” Gordy writes on his blog.

So this time around he decided to get Meredith something for her birthday: Gordy recreated 28 of her Instagram posts from the last year, but since he doesn’t have any of his own kids, he simply borrowed a neighbor’s cat for the pictures. Check out some of the genius photos below.

Well, I’m sure Meredith enjoyed her gift, and I’m glad that cat wasn’t a complete asshole.

Check out the rest of the 28 pictures Gordy did by visiting his blog here.

h/t Someecards

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