So A Bride Apparently Let Wedding Guests Grab Her Boobs To Raise Money For Her Honeymoon

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OK, while this story may not be as crazy as the Chinese guy who stuck his penis in a wedding ring for some reason, or the the bride-to-be whose wedding was canceled when she made out with a dude at her bachelorette party, it is still pretty damn crazy.

Now, I’m not married, but I have taken numerous vacations because the thought of working a full week of work is daunting. That said, I understand how far people will go just for a few days out on some sandy beach, so the Chinese bride below did everything in her power to get herself a kick-ass honeymoon.


The bride, whose identity is not known, thought up of a great idea to get quick cash: Allow all the men at her wedding to pay her in order to grab her breasts.

Now some folks say that the bride is simply a worker in a cabaret club, but a lot of folks believe that this is just the story of a desperate bride who really, really wanted a honeymoon.


Of course this could simply be a stripper, but it’s hard not to believe a story of a person who would do this kind of thing for a paid vacation. Hell, I’ve offered woman the chance to pay in order to touch me before. No takers yet.

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