Cats Love Boobs And We Have The GIFs To Prove It

Virtually everything we write that has to do with cats involves them being little a-holes. But it turns out that men have more in common with these feisty felines than we ever gave them credit for. For instance, did you know that they love women’s breasts? What a coincidence — so do we! The following roundup of kitty GIFs showcases their borderline unnatural obsession with big, squishy fun bags.

GIFs That Prove Cats Love Boobs

cats boobs gif, cat presses breasts

cats boobs gif, cat sits on breasts

cats boobs gif, cat plays with boobs

cats love boobs gif, cat touches boobs

cats boobs gif, if it fits i sits cat boob gif

cats boobs gif, black cat massages breast

cats boobs gif, cat in bed touches boob

cats boobs gif, white cat squishes boob

cats love boobs gif, because boobs gif

cats boobs gif, cat massages breast

cats love boobs gif, cat bites boob

OK, so one in every 11 cats is still a complete and total jerk.

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