Evolve Media Announces CraveOnline Has Been Renamed Mandatory, After a Popular Section of The Digital Media Site

Content for Generation Z /Younger Millennial Men in Late Teens, 20s, Early 30s

NEW YORK –Evolve Media, LLC, an integrated digital media company, has announced its Millennial men’s lifestyle site, CraveOnline, has changed its name to Mandatory, after a popular section of the site of the same name. Mandatory site mandatory.com has a fresh look and content, designed for social and mobile distribution first; and a new tagline: Laugh. Learn. Do Some Good. The content focuses on entertaining and inspiring men who are in their late teens, 20s, and early 30s: Generation Z and younger Millennials. Aaron Broder, co-founder and CEO, Evolve Media, made the announcement.

“In today’s media landscape, change is the only constant,” Broder said. “Evolve Media is built to rapidly respond to the needs of changing demographics in a way our partner brands and engaged readers have come to expect. Everyone is very excited about the opportunities Mandatory offers.”

Mandatory editorial content is led by Eric Alt, executive editor, and Anthony Severino, senior director, content operations. They will manage Style Guidance, Career Coaching, New Music Trends, Sexpert Advice, Cannabis Culture, Molecular Mixology, Future Tech, and Life Hacks topic franchises “owned” by a consistent group of experts and influencers who will become familiar faces and the voices of Mandatory.

Alt and Severino will also be introducing “The Mandatory Network” a monthly video panel discussion including editors and content from the brand’s other owned sites Sherdog (mixed martial arts), ComingSoon (entertainment news), and Game Revolution. Topics will focus on what’s timely, e.g. a big movie opening, a marquee fight, a highly-anticipated game release. Tapping into each other’s enthusiast audience by employing a strategy of cross-pollinated content, social content amplification, the video panel, and more, presents an opportunity for the sites to become a synergistic content powerhouse.

“What hasn’t changed is that we publish content for young men in their late teens, 20s and early 30s,” Alt said. “What has changed is the voice and delivery of that content to connect in the most relevant way. We’re tailoring content to Gen Z with optics for what exactly separates Gen Z from Millennials in interest and point of view.” Mandatory content is male-leaning, but we want to include more collaboration with women, and more female perspectives.”

Advertising opportunities will be headed up by Erik Yates, vice-president sales, East. “We’re writing content for the highest engagement. It’s super shareable offbeat factoids, snackable video, infographics, listicles, and short read assets engineered for native brand inclusions and ownership,” Yates said. “Mandatory advertisers won’t find a better way to reach young men.”

About Evolve Media, LLC – Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York, Chicago, Canada, Australia, and the U.K., Evolve Media, LLC is an integrated digital media company specializing in content and marketing programs that resonate with the right audiences in meaningful and impactful ways. The company boasts more than 150 editors and writers producing content across more than 40 enthusiast lifestyle sites. Evolve produces quality, authoritative content on topics people are passionate about and then provides them the ability to connect and engage with others that share that same passion. To learn more, visit: http://www.evolvemediallc.com/

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