Friendlyjordies Spectacularly Take Aim At Mike Baird Again Over Government Plans To Privatise Disability Care Sector

Social media comedians Friendlyjordies are usually known for bringing the LOLs but lately they have been taking aim at the NSW government with some of the most eloquent critiques going around right now.

First they took on the lockout laws but now they have taken aim at Premier Mike Baird and co’s plans to privatise the disability care sector. 

Like any fair critique, they start by listing the reasons people actually like Baird, namely because he’s good at Twitter and when he smiles he looks like a Furby, before handing it to the government.

Under this policy, the private sector would be forced to take on “120,000 extremely high-needs disable patients”.

“Despite industry experts clearly expressing there is no way in hell the private sector can absorb 120,000 disabled patients nor do they have any intention whatsoever of doing so because you know what the private sector likes…profit,” Friendlyjordies say in the video.

“And most of the people on the government plan are either too much of an expense to get a profit out of or they’re not disabled enough to be profitable.”

Away from Baird, they take aim at NSW’s Minister for Disability Services John Ajaka for not being able to answer questions like “what happens to the patients who can’t afford private health care?”

Amongst this, they also bring up the fact that public service carers will be rewarded “for being the most selfless and kind-hearted people on the planet,” with a 25 per cent pay cut and worse conditions. And that’s if they survive the mass culling of 14,000 carers who are about to be stripped from the government payroll.”

Friendlyjordies get really fired up towards the end of the video debating heavily the government’s assertion that they are doing this to “give people with a disability choice and control over their lives,” calling complete bullshit with a healthy dosage of anger and sarcasm. 

Interestingly Friendlyjordies aren’t the only ones who think this is a terrible idea. Many other politicians have signed a pledge that shows they also think it’s complete bullshit. 

With over 44,000 views so far on this video, Friendlyjordies are becoming powerful political commentators. 


Mike Baird thinks he can get away with this

Mike Baird thinks he can get away with thisThe Public Service Association (PSA) does a lot of good work in this area – find out more here:

Posted by Friendlyjordies on Monday, 7 March 2016