Erin Andrews Testifies In Nude Video Case

Former ESPN broadcaster Erin Andrews took the stand Monday for the first time in her case against Marriott Hotel in Nashville. She’s suing the hotel for $75 million after a stalker filmed her in the nude through a peephole in the hotel in 2008.

Andrews, who now works for FOX, told a Tennessee jury that many accused her of being part of a “publicity stunt,” when the video was released online in 2009. But possibly the largest revelation, if true, is that Andrews stated ESPN wouldn’t allow her to go back on the air until she completed a sit-down TV interview talking about what had happened to shoot down the publicity stunt rumors.

“Probably for like three months, everybody thought it was a publicity stunt. The front page of the New York Post said ‘ESPN Scandal.’ To Fox News and CBS, everybody put up that I was doing it for publicity and attention, and that ripped me apart,” said Andrews in court video posted on Deadspin

Andrews went on “Oprah,” to allegedly keep her job and is still devastated by what happened. Meanwhile, the man responsible, former insurance exec Michael David Barrett, served 2 1/2 years in federal prison for interstate stalking.

Andrews is suing the Marriott in Nashville for enabling Barrett to gain video access to her room.

Here’s court footage from The Washington Post:

PageSix has an article focused on how Barrett was so easily able to track down Andrews’ hotel room, get the room next to her’s and successfully film her getting dressed after a shower.

ESPN has not commented yet on the aforementioned allegations from Andrews’ testimony

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