Read Joshua Dysart & Alberto Ponticelli’s Living Level-3: Iraq Comic

This is a reminder that Living Level-3 is a fictionalized story inspired by writer Joshua Dysart’s December 2014 humanitarian trip to Iraq in conjunction with World Food Programme. Alberto Ponticelli is the artist of the following pages:

Liviing Level 3 Iraq Chapter 2 Page 5Liviing Level 3 Iraq Chapter 2 Page 6Liviing Level 3 Iraq Chapter 2 Page 7Liviing Level 3 Iraq Chapter 2 Page 8Liviing Level 3 Iraq Chapter 2 Page 9

To read the first chapter of Living Level-3, click here. The next chapter will be posted on The Huffington Post tomorrow.

“WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization and the UN’s frontline emergency relief agency. Each year WFP assists over 80 million people. Currently there are more than 3.2. million displaced Iraqis and 245,000 Syrian refugees in Iraq.

All are in need of food.

One Future #ZeroHunger by 2030.”

Photo Credits: World Food Programme